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About BB60STUDIO Shop.
About BB60STUDIO Shop.

Every single garment is designed, cut, sewn and even photographed in our small studio in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Everything, from the idea for a great piece of clothing we want to create, the process of making and presenting it to the world, to customizing it to meet all requirements of our dear customers, is done under one roof.
Making a garment takes a few days, sometimes a bit longer depending on how complicate is the customization.
Maybe the process is a bit longer, but we believe that attention to detail is the most important thing to focus on when it comes to handmade, designer clothing.
We can make all kinds of customization, according each customer’s personal measurements and height, color combination preference.
All items are made with an eye to the latest trends. They are contemporary but yet classic and elegant.
And the most important thing about our designs is that they are made with love and devotion.